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HINDUSTAN BIJLEE manufactures custom designed transformers in single and three phase specifications for electronic equipment, power condition equipment, UPS, inverters, control panel, medical equipment, industrial and ship lighting, power supply, audio system, AC adaptors or any other special application.

Product Description

A Transformer is a magnetically operated machine that can change values of voltage, current and impedance without a change in frequency. It's efficiency commonly ranges from 85 to 95% at full load.

Salient Features

Transformers are of three types:
1. Isolation Transformer
2. Auto Transformer
3. Current Transformer

1. Isolation Transformer
In this transformer, secondary winding is physically and electrical isolated. There is no electric connection between the primary and secondary windings. These transformers are magnetically coupled and not electrical coupled.
Isolation transformers are mainly used in electronic equipments.

2. Auto Transformer
The autotransformer has only one winding that is used as both primary and secondary. It's efficiency ranges from 95 to 98%.

3. Current Transformer
The current transformer is basically a toroidal transformer. When the current transformer is used, the main power line is inserted through the opening in the transformer and is used to provide multiple scale values for in-line AC ammeters.

Technical Specifications
a)Input Single/Two/ Three Phase


Electronics/ Electrical Industries.

Power condition equipments , UPS, Inverters, Control panel, Power supply

Medical Equipment

Industrial/Ship lighting

Audio systems

AC adaptors

Any other special application