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Product Description
The cores of Toroidal Transformers are constructed by tightly winding one long continuous silicon steel tape into a spiral. This core does not require lamination steel punching, since it is one continuous length of material. Flux leakage is kept to the minimum. The tape-wound core is one of the most efficient of core- designs available.
E-I Transformers are being replaced by Toroidal or ring type transformers manufactured on CNC machine.

Salient Features

Toroidal Transformers have the following advantages over the E-I type:
1. Low weight
2. Small dimension
3. Low hum and noise
4. Easy one bolt mounting arrangement

Technical Specifications
a) Custom-designed toroidal transformer.


Electronics/ Electrical Industries.

Power condition equipments , UPS, Inverters, Control panel, Power supply

Medical equipment

Industrial /Ship lighting

Audio systems

AC adaptors

Any other special applicatio