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  awn Electronic Switch

Product Description

The Dawn Electronic Switch (a reliable solution for external lighting application automatic light control) is operated by a light sensor.
The external lighting will switch ON at dusk and switch OFF at dawn.
The switching ON/OFF is independent for external lighting load, thus saving electricity and money.

Salient Features

1. Long-life. Therefore there is high reliability.
2. Low current drain when external load is OFF.
3. Weather proof.
4. Works on 110/230/415 V Mains supply.

Working Principle

In a manual ON/OFF switch, there is delay while switching OFF even after daylight appears. The external lighting power supply remains ON.
This delay causes loss of power. The external light turns on at night and is still on till 6.30am when its day and has to be turned OFF manually later say at around 8.30am. This leads to a 2hr delay.

When the loss of power is calculated mathematically:
In a day: 2 hours
Therefore for 26 working days: 2x26= 52 hours of power loss in a month    ... (A)
On holidays: 6.30 hrs to 18.30 hrs: 12 hours.
Therefore for 4 Sundays: 4x12= 48 hours of power loss in the same month ... (B)
If we calculate total loss of power supply: A + B = 52 + 48 hrs. = 100 hrs.
Total Load connected is 1000 watts for external lighting                                 Electricity consumed = Watt x hrs.
Calculating total electricity consumed in a month= 1000 X 100= 100 KHW
Commercial rate for 1 unit is: 1 unit = 1 KWH = Rs.3/-
Calculating monetary loss of power supply: 100 KWH x 1 x3 = Rs.300/-
i.e. Rs.300/- is the Extra Power consumed when the load connected is 1000 watts. Thus improper switching ON/OFF causes a loss of Rs.300/- per month. The Dawn Electronic Switch saves you from the trouble of manually switching OFF the power supply in the mornings and saves your power bills as everything is automatically done.

Technical Specifications

a) Input Voltage: 110/ 230/415V, 50 Hz./60Hz.
b) Load Voltage: 110/230V/415V, 50 Hz. / 60 Hz.
c) Load Current: Available in different current rating, 6A/16A/32A


Sign board lighting

Street lighting

Compound lighting

Staircase lighting