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Product Description

Designed by HINDUSTAN BIJLEE, the Line Voltage Corrector is a manual voltage stabilizer for boosting voltage from 120v onwards.
The Line Voltage Corrector has:
a) Boost/Normal Switch: For incoming voltage of 160 V or below, select switch to Boost Mode.
When incoming voltage is above 160V, select switch Normal Mode.
b) Stabilizer/Bypass Mode Switch: When stabilizer is required to work, select the 2 nos, 2 Way Switch ON (Marked Stabilizer).
When both these switches are kept OFF, Stabilizer will bypass. (Marked Bypass).

Salient Features

1. High voltage cutout
2. Stabilizer bypass
3. Boost/Normal selection switch
4. Step by step increasing/decreasing selector
5. Input/Output voltage monitoring

Technical Specifications

a) Input: 120 - 300 volts.
b) Output: 200 - 240 volts.
c) Capacity: 5 KVA.
d) Main on / Approach indicator.
e) 5A, two-way switch IN/Out monitoring. (Voltmeter & Main on LED.)
f) 15A, two-way switch Boost/Normal switch.
g) 15A, two-way, two nos. switch mode - Stabilizer/By pass selector.
h) 15A Output socket.
i) 8 way rotary switch for fine control of increases/decreases in voltage settings.


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