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When voltage drops too low, equipment motors runs on insufficient power, work harder at lower efficiency. This causes rapid ageing or makes them burn out. The only solution is to get a voltage stabilizer.

Product Description

An Automatic Voltage Stabilizer is an electronic device able to deliver relatively constant output voltage on its own when input voltage and load current changes over time.

Salient Features

1. Electronic circuitry in IC/transistorized control.
2. High quality electromagnetic relays.
3. No output waveform distortion.
4. Stability with temperature change.
5. MS Boxes are powder coated after anti-rust phosphate process/ABS boxes.
6. Low/high voltage cut out with time delay and instant ON.
7. Bypass arrangement.
8. Transformer good quality lamination, high grade, high class insulation varnish for reliability and long life.

Technical Specifications


Max. Load



0.24 KVA


TV's, VCR/Music system

No cutout, No time delay

1A ----------------Do--------------- High cutout

0.5 KVA 3/1,5

2A Refrigeration up to 250Lit.
H/L cutout, Time Delay / instant on.
07 KVA-3A/2 2.5A Refrigeration above 250 Lit., 1/8HP Compressor
H/L cutout, Time delay / instant on
1 KVA 4 A Deep Freezer, bottle Cooler, 5/8 HP Compressor
H/L cutout, Time delay / instant on
3 KVA 12A
1 Ton A/C, Refrigeration, water cooler up o 1.5 HP Compressor
H/L cutout, Time delay / instant on
4 KVA 16A
1.5 Ton A/C, Refrigeration unit Compressor up to 2.5 HP
H/L cutout, Time delay / instant on
5 KVA 20A
2 Ton A/C 3-5, HP Compressor
H/L cutout, Time delay / instant on
5 KVA (Man) / Wide 16A House Wiring, Sound system
high voltage cut, Normal / boost voltage selector switch

Note: Due to continuous development, HINDUSTAN BIJLEE reserves the right to change design and specification.


A.C units



Audio systems

Video systems