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Product Description

Voltage fluctuations can cause hardware failure, mal-operation, loss or error in processed data. The transient voltage produced by load changes can also be injurious to sensitive circuit components.
Beta Servo control stabilizer is designed to give stabilized output voltage within +/- 3% of the total present output voltage in a few milliseconds.
There are single and three phase servo stabilizers available.

Salient Features

1. High efficiency.
2. Reliable IC control version.
3. Fast response.
4. Wide input range.
5. Transient & Spike free output.
6. No over/under shooting or hunting.
7. No waveform distortion.
8. No effect of power factor and frequency variation.
9. Maintenance-free A.C. Synchronous motor of long life is used.

Technical Specifications

a) Input Voltage: Single Phase - 160 to 270 V
b) Nominal Output: Single Phase - 230V +/- 3%
c) Load on Power: None
d) Output Wave Form Distortion: None
e) Control Circuit: New improved designed ICS & TRAICS etc.
f) High/Low Voltage cutout with time delay
g) Efficiency: Better than 95%
h) Correction Rate: 30 to 40 volts/sec.
i) Motor: 230 VAC Synchronous gearless reversible servo motor with 3.5 kg. cm.
j) Torque at 60 RPM
k) Effect of load on Power Factor - none



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